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Questions to Ask your Doctor

  1. What caused my NASH ?

  2. What stage am I ?

  3. What additional testing should I have?

  4. Do I need a biopsy?

  5. What does an ultrasound look for?

  6. What is a fibroscan used for?

  7. What side effects of NASH should I be on the look out for?

  8. What are some potential complications of this disease?

  9. Is my NASH reversible?

  10. Is my NASH considered a "disability"?

  11. What kind of over the counter medications are safe for me to take for everyday ailments?

  12. What kind of medications should I avoid?

  13. Are there vitamins or supplements I should be taking?

  14. Is it safe to occasionally have an alcoholic drink with NASH?

  15. Should I see a nutritionist?

  16. What other types of specialists do I need to see?

  17. Am I a candidate for clinical trials?

  18. What is a meld score and what is MY meld score?

  19. Am I a candidate for a liver transplant?

  20. How will we treat/monitor my disease?

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